Unlike the traditional way of building your car online, NSX configurator provides you with a rich experience that includes both functional and story telling aspects. It allows you to build your car and learn about product features at the same time.



People always build their cars before paying a visit to the dealership. Online car configurators became their first stop. Most configuration tools today fail to provide a rich experience with educational and story-telling features. Users eager to learn about the product during the car building process.


Built a highly functional, immersive and expressive car-building tool. Configurator secion is placed above the fold. The simplified flow allows users to go through the experience more smoothly but maintains enough controls and flexibility. 

At any point in time, user can scroll down the page to view the rich editorial content, which always corresponds to the car-building section above. This experience empowers users to make educated decisions throughout configuration process. Adding the multiple interactive modules makes the page more engaging and informative.


Configuration + Storytelling


"The shapes, colors, patterns and extraordinary appearance of sea animals are almost unbelievable. We are part of a natural world, and we can be inspired by almost anything if we open our eyes to it."

JOHNATHAN NORMAN - NSX Interior Designer