Designed UX and UI for a fun and creative iPhone app called Calanti. Calanti is a hypnosis and meditation app. It helps you reduce anxiety and sleep better at night. While choosing between different virtual characters, users receive an immersive and unique set of meditation music and spiritual healing package. The overall experience quiets people's mind and improves people's awareness and happiness.


Many people are having problems falling asleep at night. How might we provide a fun and engaging tool to help them sleep better? Different people enjoy a differnet type of music for relaxation or meditation. How to build a product that is highly customizable and also easy to use? Alarm music is generally unpleasant and annoying. How might we redesign it and make the experience less painful but still effective?


Designed an ios app which is not only highly functional but also fun and unique. By going through a few easy tests, the app designates a virtual hypnotist with magic power for you. He or she provides a special music type with a variety of spiritual soundtracks that put you to sleep and also wake you up. The music automatically slows down and tones down without having to pause or stop it. Users are able to collect "seeds" after using the app for a while. They help you unlock special hypnosis styles. Overall, Calanti provides a truly customizable, in-depth and pleasing experience for users.