honda_herohonda_hero serves as Honda’s corporate website and a portal of Honda’s sub-brands. It showcases Honda's wide range of products and tells the brand story about innovation, environment, social responsibility and mobility.


When people think of Honda, most of them think of the car brand only. However, Honda does more than that. The old Honda website didn't provide a bold brand statement and intriguing brand stories. In addition, users were not able to explore Honda products through engaging brand portals.


Created an appealing and inviting ‘lobby' where visitors discover the innovative Honda family of brands, products and initiatives and easily find their destination beyond 


Featured on Web Designer Depot design was featured in an article posted on as an example of "How to Use Balance in Web Design". In the article, it says:"Honda gives us a crystal clear example of asymmetry in web design. Below the fold, on its homepage, the company uses a card-based design. It’s almost like a small maze on the homepage of the car company."

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