Toyota iPad App

Toyota Consumer App on iPad launched in 2013. It allows users to browse through the full Toyota lineup. The app has a landscape and portrait mode. Each mode provides a unique experience. Users can explore car models via photos and videos, and learn about behind-the-scene stories.

Z Grills

Designed logo & branding for a grill manufacturing company - Z Grills. Z Grills was founded by a group of experienced engineers. Their goal is to create the best pellet grills in the market and to empower people everywhere to be master grillers. In addition, they are constantly building an engaged community in the US.

With the outstanding technology and great branding, Z Grills successfully crowdfunded their latest product on Indiegogo in Spring 2017.


Designed logo and branding for a San Francisco based fashion brand - Celizia. The name of the brand was inspired by a Greek mythology, Selene, the Moon Goddess.

Celizia is comfort, moden and has its unique style, which comes from the commitment and dedication to design. Their goal is to become an industry-leading entry-luxe brand for independent women of all ages.