What's a new way to search for your favorite Microsoft products? Microsoft Match delivers a connected, cohesive shopping experience. It enables customers to find devices that best fit their needs with 3 simple steps and without any help from an advisor. Microsoft Match also helps users learn about device features, save favorite lists online and easily go through the checkout process.


Make it easy as possible for customers to discover and understand Microsoft’s offerings.


Guide shoppers and help them find the right products to meet their needs.


Give shoppers and advisors the tools they need to be informed and guide decision-making.


Make the experience seamless with connected features and a cohesive voice and look/feel.

In-Store Kiosk

Buying a product is a complicated process. Shoppers always want guidance and support. Throughout the kiosk experience, our goal is to provide as much help as possible and make it easy for shoppers to discover the right products that fit their lifestyle and needs.


Customer Journey

When shoppers arrive at a Microsoft store, our goal is to thoughtfully and clearly lay out the featured products to assist the shopper from initial exploration to purchase.


From the moment they walk into the store, or even if they are at the other end of the store, they should be able to spot the Microsoft Match display and be attracted to this dedicated area.



Help them find what they need through interactive experiences and effective displays organized by form factor.



Either on their own or with the help of a Microsoft Advisor, help them select the right product for their needs and maximize the customer’s product experience through attach products.


Tablet & Mobile Experience

We created a tablet and mobile version of Microsoft Match. This can also be accessed via the advisor tablet/smartphone or customers' personal devices to serve as a selling tool in-store.